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Chapter 264: DaoistXuanji (1)

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Bam! Bam!

In the pine forest, two explosions sounded almost at the same time.

Gusts of wind were instantly stirred up in rhe originally silent mountain forest, and countless pine needles were lifted by the two figures.

The woman in white was suppressing the strange poison, but her movement technique was still shockingly fast. Her feet flickered back and forth on the tree trunks, and in an instant, she had already fled dozens of feet away.

She originally thought that the handsome official behind her would be stunned when he saw her actions.

But the ability of the young constable behind her was beyond her expectations. Just as she flew not far away, the young constable behind her pressed forward at an astonishing speed, instantly pulling the distance to 20 feet.


The woman in white’s dress fluttered in the wind. As she flew, she looked back and saw the extremely focused, handsome face. She was quite surprised. When she stepped onto another tree trunk, her slender legs bent and suddenly straightened.


The waist-thick pine tree trembled violently under rhe immense force!

Amidst the explosion, the woman in white tore through rhe air, her dress producing loud wind-breaking sounds.

Wherever her figure passed, the fallen leaves and pine needles on the ground were all swept away by the wind. From afar, it looked like a white dragon had suddenly appeared and was passing through the pine forest. In an instant, she arrived at the edge of the pine forest.


Even though Ye Jingtang had a strong mental fortitude, he was still shocked by this unbelievable explosive power. He knew that this woman’s martial arts skills were far higher than he had imagined. After she flew, she landed on the ground and stopped quickly, plowing a long groove in the soft forest.


The woman in white instantly distanced herself and recovered her immortal-like figure. She rose and fell above the treetop and even looked back when she was far away.

Although the veil obscured her face, Ye Jingtang could still feel the woman’s teasing, as if she was telling him: Are you still going to chase me?

Ye Jingtang didn’t know the other party’s details. It was too risky to chase after such an unfathomable opponent. He just stood still on the spot and watched with a frown as he guessed the other party’s identity.

Under the silver moon, the ghost-like woman in white with a veiled hat rose and fell. Soon, she reached the end of his sight.

Seeing that the other party didn’t come back, Ye Jingtang wanted to leave this troublesome place quickly. But before he turned around, he suddenly heard a sound from afar.


Looking carefully, he saw that 500 meters away, the woman in white, who still had an immortal aura just now, staggered when she stepped on a tree trunk. Then she missed her footing and fell down. With rhe sound of branches breaking and leaves being crushed, the commotion disappeared.


Ye Jingtang frowned slightly, feeling a little puzzled.historical

After he waited for a moment, there was still no movement in the distance, but two sets of light footsteps came from behind.

Pei Xiangjun was walking beside Luo Ning and paying attention to the slightest movements in rhe dark pine forest. She asked, “What happened just now? Who did you meet?11

‘Tm not sure. I think 1 met a powerful expert…” Ye Jingtang didn’t know if he should say that the other party was powerful or that she was weak and liked to pretend. After waiting for a moment, the woman in white didn’t appear again, so he said, “Keep your distance and be careful. I ll go over and take a look.”

Luo Ning threw the Roaring Dragon Spear to Ye Jingtang and followed at a distance with Pei Xiangjun, paying attention to the movements behind.

Ye Jingtang didn’t have the bird as a scour. He was afraid of being ambushed by this woman of unknown origin, so he walked each step very carefully.

After about 15 minutes, he passed through the rugged mountain forest and arrived near rhe place where rhe woman had fallen.

Under rhe light of the moon and stars, a small pit had been pressed out in the bushes in the forest. A white figure was lying inside. There was a veiled hat hanging on the branch beside her, and a gleaming sword was stabbed into the ground nor far away.

Ye Jingtang held rhe Roaring Dragon Spear and walked to a distance of 100 feet to size her up carefully. He could see the woman in a snow-white dress lying on her side in the bushes. She was silent. He could only see her long hair that reached her hips, waist, legs, shoulders, and back. He couldn’t see her face.

“Hello?” Ye Jingtang called out, but the woman didn’t respond.

Ye Jingtang couldn’t figure out the situation. To be safe, he took out a golden needle and raised it with his fingers from 100 feet away.


The hair-thin Soul Separating Needle tore through the air.

Ye Jingtang didn’t often use hidden weapons, so he couldn’t guarantee that his aim would be accurate at a distance of 100 feet. The Soul Separating Needle was poisonous, and it was difficult to use strength well enough so that it wouldn’t penetrate too deeply. If he pierced her abdominal artery, she might die.

For this reason, he aimed the needle at the large area behind the woman in white. It was easy to hit, and inserting a needle into it was relatively safe.

Although he couldn’t see it clearly from afar, from the trajectory of rhe golden needles, he still hit it accurately.

The Soul Separating Needle was a powerful weapon developed by Divine Doctor Wang. Even Qiu Tianhe would have to kneel on the spot if he was hit. The Eight Chiefs might have a way to force out the golden needle, but it was impossible for them to be fine if they were hit.

Ye Jingtang waited for a while. Seeing that the woman still didn’t move, he held the hilt of his saber, went around to the side, and looked at rhe woman’s face.

Under rhe moonlight, rhe woman in a long white dress was lying on her side in a pit of bushes that her body had pressed out. Her eyes were closed, her red lips were very calm, and there was a faint blush on her fair cheeks. She looked as if she had just drank too much and was casually lying among the flowers and plants to take a rest.

The woman’s long hair should have been tied up on her head, but when ir fell, it spread out. A few strands of black hair covered her face slightly. Her black eyebrows gave off a picturesque feeling. Her appearance was exquisite, but her temperament was not gentle and elegant.

Even though she seemed to have lost consciousness and revealed a natural expression, she still gave off a strange feeling of being cynical and indifferent to life and death…

Ye Jingtang sized up the woman from afar. He couldn’t hear her breathing. Under rhe cold night air, he walked nearby and poked the woman’s shoulder with the end of the Roaring Dragon Spear.. “Hello?”

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