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Chapter 263: Empty Mountain Phantoms (4)

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When Ye Jingtang heard the quiet sounds, he quickly walked toward the mountain. Soon, he arrived at the bottom of a stone cliff behind a mountain.

The forest below the stone cliff was in a mess, as if it had been run over by a herd of elephants.

When Ye Jingtang saw this scene, he knew that the people fighting were very skilled in martial arts. He raised his hand slightly to stop Third Lady and Ning’er.

Pei Xiangjun carefully checked the chaotic forest and found a few inconspicuous thin needles inserted into the ground and even the tree trunks. There was also a lot of colorful powder. She reminded, “Be careful. There’s poison.”

Ye Jingtang also discovered this and carefully retreated out of the forest where there might be poisonous gas. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a sound coming from a pine forest a kilometer away.

It was the sound of branches breaking.

Although they were quite far away, the silence in the mountains made it sound abnormally obvious.

The three of them frowned at the same time and looked at the pine forest in the distance.

Ye Jingtang knew that the people fighting was still there. Without saying anything, he held his saber hilt and silently walked toward the pine forest.

Pei Xiangjun and Luo Ning didn’t need to communicate. They separated to the left and right and followed at a certain distance.

Ye Jingtang silently arrived at the periphery of the pine forest and used the method of the Heaven Equaling Saber to carefully sense the situation inside.

There was no movement in the pine forest.

Ye Jingtang estimated that the other party’s martial arts skills were very high. He was afraid that Third Lady and Ning’er’s footsteps would be exposed in advance, so he raised his hand to ask the two of them to stay put, guard outside the pine forest, and be prepared to rush over to help. He relied on his extraordinary lightness skills to silently step on the pine needles and approach to investigate.

After carefully sensing for a distance and passing through several pine trees, Ye Jingtang saw the scene in the depths of the forest under the dim starlight.

A woman in a white dress and a veiled hat was sitting cross-legged in the forest. There was a long sword stabbed into the ground beside her, and she was alone.

In the middle of the night, in the deep mountains and ancient forests, a woman in snow-white clothes suddenly appeared. She was silent and carried an elegant and ethereal aura. It was very difficult to distinguish whether she was a human, a ghost, or an immortal.


Ye Jingtang wasn’t sure if the other party was dead or alive. After thinking for a moment, he slowly approached. When he was still hundreds of feet away, he noticed the woman in white’s veiled hat turning and looking at him.

Ye Jingtang paused. Sensing that the other party’s martial arts skills were extraordinary, he didn’t approach her anymore. He maintained a distance and showed his waist token. “The Black Office is working. Who is sneaking around in the forest? Tell me your name!”


The woman in white looked around the forest and quickly recognized the handsome official who had suddenly come over. He was the black-clothed young master who had stopped injustice in Baywater Town this morning.

The woman in white admired this kind of constable who remembered his duties and had a strong sense of justice. If she had met him normally, she might have even chatted with him.

But now that he had bumped into her here, she was clearly not interested in chatting.

Based on the handsome constable’s behavior of doing things, when he discovered an unknown person meditating in the deep mountains and ancient forests, he would definitely pursue the matter to the end. He wouldn’t stop until he figured out her identity, where she came from, and where she was going. But she couldn’t do anything to the conscientious and dutiful constable.

Furthermore, Northern Liang’s Thief Sage was definitely not an ordinary person. Although her direct combat strength was far inferior to hers, her lightness skills, six senses, and ability to use poison and hidden weapons were top-notch. The various poisons were very annoying.

The Blood Congealing Powder today was indeed a strong and strange poison. Although it couldn’t hurt her at all, it wasn’t a problem to limit her for two hours.

If a younger generation found out that she, the strongest woman in the world, had been drugged and was sitting here to force out the poison, the invincible image she had accumulated in the past would collapse on the spot…

In summary, leaving was the best course of action now.

When the woman in white heard Ye Jingtang’s question from afar, she didn’t respond. She stood up unhurriedly, pulled out the sword beside her, held it upside down behind her back, and slowly walked into the depths of the forest, leaving Ye Jingtang with an immortal-like back view.

“Halt!” When Ye Jingtang saw that the other party actually dared to resist arrest, he frowned and pressed his saber forward. “According to the laws of Great Wei, those who refuse arrest will be killed without mercy. Miss, don’t play with fire.”


As soon as his voice sounded, the woman in white, who was originally slowly walking in the forest, soared into the sky and transformed into a white afterimage flying left and right. In the blink of an eye, she had gone more than 100 feet away.

Ye Jingtang was indeed shocked by her extraordinary movement technique, but his movement technique was not bad either.

Anyone who saw an official and didn’t talk to them but ran away, even if they weren’t a bandit, they were definitely unclean.

The Prince of Wu might be hiding in the deep mountains and ancient forests. The woman in white ran away when she saw an official. Ye Jingtang naturally assumed that she was a subordinate of the Prince of Wu.. He immediately flew forward and chased after her…historical