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Chapter 262: Empty Mountain Phantoms (3)

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The woman in the forest wasn’t arrogant after being identified by the woman in white. Instead, she said angrily, “You are the thief! I have never stolen anything…”

“You have such good lightness skills. You go into the secret rooms of wealthy families every day and don’t steal anything. Then, what are you looking for?”

“I’m just secretly learning martial arts manuals.”

“The King of Yan Estate also has martial arts manuals? A few years ago, the King of Yan Estate was robbed. The Prince of Yan didn’t say anything and only secretly investigated your whereabouts…”

“I didn’t do the case in the King of Yan Estate! There are so many thieves in Jianghu who steal things and blame it on me. You don’t believe me even when I explain…”historical

“The Wingless Owl didn’t even learn thirty percent of Lu Jieyun’s skills. After stealing the book of lightness skills insights, he was so frightened that he didn’t dare to return to Yan Province. He doesn’t have the guts and ability. In this world, only you can sneak into the Prince of Yan’s study without a sound…”


The two of them had only spoken a few words when the sound of branches breaking suddenly sounded from a pine tree in front of them.

Then a black figure fell from the treetop and landed on the pine needles all over the ground.


The black figure was wearing night clothes, and only her eyes were exposed. After landing, she wanted to stand up, but she let out a muffled groan and clutched her chest. “Cough…”

The woman in white slowly walked until she was 100 feet away with her sword. “Every time I’m two hundred and fifty meters away from you, you’ll sense it and escape in advance. I don’t believe you when you say that you’ve never practiced the Bright Spirit Picture.”

The black-clothed woman was lying on the ground and glaring at the fly who wouldn’t let go of her. “Is it wrong that 1 was born with extraordinary eyes and ears? 1 travel in Jianghu neither stealing nor robbing. 1 have no grudges with you, demoness. But you’re still haunting me and attacking me repeatedly…”

The woman in white held her sword upside down behind her back. “If I wanted to kill you, you would have died long ago. I urgently need the Roaring Dragon Chart. Since you have it, I have to take it away. If you hand it over, I’ll let you go and compensate you with a huge opportunity. If you don’t hand it over… 1 don’t want to be a bad woman, but for my disciple, I have no choice.”

When the black-clothed woman saw the other party walking over, she gritted her teeth, slid out a dagger from her sleeve, and pressed it against her neck. “If you dare to come over, I’ll kill myself immediately!”

The woman in white strolled leisurely and ignored her. “Your suicide won’t stop me from searching your body.”

“I don’t have the Roaring Dragon Chart, but I know its whereabouts. Once I die, don’t even think about finding it!”

The woman in white paused for a moment before walking forward again. “You’re so smart. How could you commit suicide? Tell me the whereabouts of the Roaring Dragon Chart so that you can avoid suffering…”

“You!” The black-clothed woman’s eyes were full of grief and indignation. Helpless, she stabbed her neck with her dagger.


When the woman in white saw this, she suddenly sped up and wanted to stop her. But just as she rushed past the pine tree that the black-clothed woman had fallen from, she heard something under her feet.


A white mist erupted from between the soft pine needles, instantly engulfing the woman in white who was passing by above.

The black-clothed woman’s dagger naturally didn’t pierce her neck. The grief, indignation, and despair in her eyes disappeared, and she quickly jumped up from the ground.

The woman in white didn’t panic. She only stopped and looked down. “What is it this time? An aphrodisiac?”

“In your dreams!” The black-clothed woman held the dagger in front of her and said coldly, “This is the Blood Congealing Powder, my unique secret medicine. You’ll definitely die. The faster your qi and blood flow, the faster you will die. You’d better not move.”

The woman in white sensed it and nodded slightly. “It’s indeed quite powerful this time. 1 should take fifteen minutes to force the poison out.”

The black-clothed woman didn’t quite believe these words, but she knew how terrifying this demoness was. Three black needles slid out of her right hand, and she slowly walked forward, wanting to give this demoness a few more doses.


The woman in white was calm and composed. She stabbed her sword into the ground, took out a palm-sized red wine gourd from behind her waist, uncorked it, and slowly took a sip. She even said politely, “The Fierce Woman’s Worry’ produced in Sha Province, which is also known as Immortal Kneeling, is the best wine in Jianghu. Would you like a sip?”

When the black-clothed woman smelled the fragrance of the wine, surprise flashed in her eyes. “You still dare to drink after being poisoned by the Blood Congealing Powder? Do you think that you’re not dying quickly enough?”

“Get drunk while wine is still available today.” After the woman in white took a sip of the strong wine, she hung the small wine gourd back on her waist. “People live their whole lives for pleasure. If you throw away pleasure in order to survive, then life is meaningless.”

The black-clothed woman that the demoness was too calm and didn’t dare to approach rashly. She gave up on the idea of stabbing her with the needles and turned around to run into the depths of the mountains.

“I’ll let you run for fifteen minutes. See you later.” The woman in white looked relaxed as she watched the black-clothed woman. She only heaved a sigh of relief when the woman’s figure completely disappeared.

She took out a handkerchief, placed it on the ground, sat cross-legged with her back straight, and clasped her hands in her lap.. Then her gauze dress and veiled hat fluttered without any wind, and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead…