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Chapter 260: Empty Mountain Phantoms (1)

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After the short battle, countless green bamboo trees in the center of the bamboo sea were destroyed by the saber wind, revealing an open space. Broken bamboo trees and leaves were everywhere.

Rustle, rustle, rustle!

The rain of bamboo leaves drifted with the wind and gradually covered Huang Yulong’s corpse.

Not far away, Pei Xiangjun held her spear and pressed down on Xiao Shichen, who was covered in blood.

Ye Jingtang half-squatted in front of him and took out the medicine bottle again. “It will really be too late if you don’t take it now. You’re only the second-in-command. In the past, you had to listen to the sect master’s arrangements. Now that your boss is dead, he will bear all the blame. 1 won’t say that I’ll let you escape without punishment, but I can at least spare your life. You’re only in your forties. You still have at least thirty years to live. Why should you die for the Prince of Wu?”

“Cough…” Xiao Shichen kept coughing up blood. He looked at Huang Yulong, who was already dead, and said hoarsely, “You should go after Bai Siming. The people of Jianghu are all opportunists. Why would the Prince of Wu tell us where he’s hiding? Cough… If you want to kill me, just kill me. I’ve already done enough… Cough…”

Ye Jingtang frowned and raised his hand to send Xiao Shichen on his way. He stood up and looked into the depths of the bamboo sea.

Luo Ning walked over to Ye Jingtang with her sword in hand. Just as she was about to speak, she saw that the webbing of his hands was bleeding. She hurriedly held his hands to check.

Pei Xiangjun took out medicine from behind her waist and handed it to Ye Jingtang with a very displeased expression. “Why didn’t you use your spear? Why did you fight against a spear with a saber? What were you thinking?”

Ye Jingtang wasn’t injured, but the skin between his thumbs and index fingers had been broken by the impacts. He clenched his fingers and shook his head. “1 just wanted to test if the Dragon Slaying Decree was powerful or not. What a lousy saber technique. It’s not useful at all. It almost confused me.”

Luo Ning took out a handkerchief and wiped Ye Jingtang’s hands. She frowned and said, “If you had used Jun Mountain Terrace’s fifty-kilogram heavy saber, Huang Yulong’s would have been knocked away in the first blow, much less be able to stop the saber with the Collapsing Spear. It’s clearly because you had the wrong weapon…”

Pei Xiangjun saw that Luo Ning was criticizing Ye Jingtang in an arrogant manner and interrupted, “Ning’er, you jumped a lot just now. It was more than thirty times. What move was that? The bewitching array?”


Luo Ning stopped speaking and looked at the sarcastic Third Lady. “What bewitching array? That’s the Nine Palace Steps!”

“The Nine Palace Steps is a close-combat footwork technique. How can it be used fifty feet away from the opponent?”

“I’m holding a soft sword. If I don’t find opportunities to launch sneak attacks, am 1 supposed to fight head-on like him? You even used a big spear but only stabbed once from the beginning to the end… Woo~!”

Luo Ning was quarreling with Third Lady, who was mocking her, when a handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her.

Then warmth came to her red lips, blocking her words.

“Huh?” Pei Xiangjun quickly turned her head when she saw the vixen being hugged and bitten.

Luo Ning was furious at being ambushed by Ye Jingtang. She raised her hand, hit his shoulder, and turned her face away. “Little thief, you’re biased, aren’t you? You didn’t say anything when she criticized me. But when I criticized her, you blocked my mouth.”

Ye Jingtang took the Roaring Dragon Spear and put on a serious expression. “I just wanted to take advantage of you. How can you say that I’m biased? Let’s go and chase after Bai Siming.”

Luo Ning felt that Ye Jingtang was biased, but business was more important, so she couldn’t say much. She put away her sword and rushed ahead.

Pei Xiangjun placed the spear that didn’t match her figure at all on her shoulder. As she walked, she thought for a moment and said, “By the way, soldiers suddenly came just now, and we chased after those three without stopping, so I forgot to tell you. When I was spying on the roof, after the Prince of Wu’s aide came, I saw that someone seemed to be following him.”

Ye Jingtang took the Overlord Spear and placed the two spears on his shoulders. “Following him? Who?”

“I’m not sure, but his lightness skills are very good, and his observation skills are astonishing. He discovered that 1 was spying near Grasping Moon Alley and ran away. Not long after, a woman in white came to the town from behind. It seemed that she was chasing after the lightness skills expert…”

Luo Ning slowed down and asked, “What kind of woman?”

“I’m not sure. It was too far away. I could only see that she was wearing a veiled hat and a white dress. Her lightness skills are definitely better than mine…”

Ye Jingtang only heard this much, so he naturally couldn’t figure out their identities and standpoints. However, based on the fact that the enemy of an enemy was a friend, the person who could follow Bai Siming was most likely someone from the Prince of Wu’s side.

After deliberating for a moment, Ye Jingtang first noted down this matter and left the bamboo sea with the two women, chasing in the direction Bai Siming had left…

Clouds covered the moon. In the deep mountains and dense forests, withered vines and old trees intertwined. From time to time, the howls of unknown beasts sounded.


The bird spread its wings and circled in the night sky. Its black and bright eyes reflected the mountains and wilderness within a radius of several kilometers as it locked onto the figure escaping quickly in the forest.

Bai Siming, dressed in a scholarly robe, moved through the mountains with his outstanding lightness skills as if he were walking on flat ground. His speed was extremely fast, but he made no sound at all. Occasionally, he would lightly jump onto a treetop and carefully observe the wind and grass behind him. He was extremely cautious.

But no matter how cautious a martial artist was, it was difficult to notice a bird circling high in the sky at night.

Realizing that the King of Hell of the Black Office was held back by Huang Yulong and Xiao Shichen and didn’t chase after him, Bai Siming no longer cared about hiding and began moving at full speed through the mountains.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Although the movement was small, he was still flying at full speed in the deep mountains and ancient forests, causing a line of swaying treetop branches and leaves that extended northwest, like a ferocious beast moving through the forest.

The bird followed him high in the sky. After chasing him through several mountains, it suddenly discovered a black figure standing at the top of a mountain and looking down.

Bai Siming didn’t cause much movement, but it was very eye-catching when one looked carefully. The black figure quickly locked onto Bai Siming’s location and followed behind silently.

The bird tilted its head in the sky. Just as it was puzzled, it discovered a white figure floating over from outside its vision at an astonishing speed and chasing after the two of them.

The three of them were very far apart, traversing through the mountains like a mantis stalking a cicada, unaware of an oriole behind.

The woman in white at the back kept closing the distance. After reaching a cliff, the black figure sensed something and turned around to run into the distance.

The woman in white exploded at the same time and jumped down from the cliff.


Then grass and trees began to fly in the wilderness. The black and white figures ran around like a cat chasing after a mouse.

Bai Si Ming, who was fleeing in front, heard the commotion and became vigilant. He flew away into the distance without stopping at all.

The bird’s head was full of question marks.. Because its target was clear, it ignored the two outsiders running around and continued chasing after Bai Siming…