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Chapter 259: The King of Hell Demands Lives (4)

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Metal clashed, and sparks flew everywhere.

When Huang Yulong saw the starting stance of the Bowing Saber Spring, he instantly realized that it was the Dragon Slaying Decree.

However, he had already received the attack and realized it all too late. The irresistible immense force smashed away the double-headed spear, causing his left hand to almost lose its grip on the spear shaft.

“Haa!” Ye Jingtang held the heavy saber with both hands and swung it backward. His body spun with inertia. The moment Huang Yulong pulled back the double-headed spear, Ye Jingtang slashed down again with mighty force.


Huang Yulong took a big step back. Facing the blade that was already slashing at him, he could only raise the spear to block it. Then a loud sound resounded in the bamboo forest.


The heavy saber struck the spear shaft. Even though it wasn’t the Jun Mountain Saber, the force it reached was much greater than that of the the Eight-Steps Frenzied Blade.

The moment Huang Yulong received the force, two round pits appeared in the soil under his feet, and his legs sank into the ground to his knees.

After Ye Jingtang struck with the saber, he spun around again and slashed upward with both hands.

Huang Yulong was nailed into the soil. Before he could pull his body out, he could only press the end of the spear against the ground and use the force of the saber attack to escape.


Luo Ning, who was cutting off his retreat from behind, saw Huang Yulong, whose body had just sunk two feet, come directly out of the dry ground.

His burly body was pulled out of the ground by the saber and sent flying backward, instantly hitting several green bamboo trees.


Bamboo leaves flew down from all over the sky, and a sound that made the scalps of countless sabermen of Jianghu tingle sounded in the bamboo forest.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

Under the moonlight, a circular saber light appeared in the bamboo forest.

The snow-white saber light swept across the bamboo forest like a tornado. The fallen leaves along the way were crushed into pieces when they touched the saber light and were carried away by the saber wind.

As the speed of the saber became faster and faster, the qi accumulated continuously during the several moves soon reached a terrifying level.

As soon as Huang Yulong landed on the ground and bounced up to stabilize himself, Ye Jingtang leaped up, and the Nine-Ringed Saber, which had been pushed to the extreme, fell toward his head again.


Huang Yulong raised the spear in a hurry to block. The double-headed spear was a weapon famous for being sturdy. It wasn’t broken, but it couldn’t withstand the vast amount of qi contained in the nine-ringed saber.

The moment Huang Yulong received the attack, the spear shaft bent. The sleeves of his arms were shattered, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. “Cough!”

His entire body was like a polo that had been hit by a long stick. He smashed diagonally to the ground, and his back sank into the soil. He scraped a ten-foot-long groove in the bamboo forest and broke more than ten green bamboo trees.


Ye Jingtang waved the nine-ringed saber with both hands. After the saber strike, all the qi was exhausted. For this reason, during the chase, he spun around a few times to strengthen the saber momentum.


Huang Yulong was knocked because the spear smashed into him. It couldn’t stay straight at all. He was furious. When he saw the blade pressing down on him again, his entire body trembled violently. He ignored everything and stabbed at Ye Jingtang’s torso.


This move was extremely powerful. It was clearly the Grasping Moon Tower’s killing move.

Seeing that the opponent wanted to exchange lives with him, Ye Jingtang controlled his body to distance himself and slashed at the spear tip.


Unexpectedly, Huang Yulong really had something hidden. The qi contained in this move was unimaginably powerful.

When the two weapons met, the collision between the Collapsing Spear move and the nine-ringed saber actually caused a gap to appear in the blade.

Ye Jingtang felt a sharp pain between his thumb and index finger, and he immediately let go of the hilt of the saber.

Huang Yulong had gone all out to fight head-on, but he was clearly not in a good state either. The spearhead of the double-headed spear broke on the spot, and the spear shaft was smashed to the ground.

Seeing that the opponent’s weapon had been knocked away, Huang Yulong turned the spear and used the other end of the double-headed spear to smash at Ye Jingtang’s head with the Spear Cleaving move.


This double-headed spear’s move of Collapsing and Cleaving was the trump card of the Grasping Moon Tower. As long as the Collapsing knocked away the opponent’s weapon, it would be fatal.

Unfortunately, Ye Jingtang’s nine-ringed saber wasn’t sent flying. Instead, he let go of it.


As Huang Yulong turned the spear, a cold light flashed in front of him.

The Cleaving Spear fell and smashed into the long saber that was suddenly unsheathed.

Ye Jingtang held the saber in his left hand to block the spear and flashed past Huang Yulong. When he stopped, he was already 30 feet behind him.



The blade returned to its sheath, and the bamboo sea returned to peace, leaving only a rain of bamboo leaves.


Huang Yulong held the spear with both hands and maintained the posture of cleaving the spear down. He looked at the empty ground in front of him.

When the footsteps sounded behind him, his eyes moved, and he raised his hand to touch the left side of his neck.

As expected, it was wet and hot.


Huang Yulong knelt on the ground, and blood seeped out from between his fingers. He turned his head to look at the back of the man in black. His lips moved, but he couldn’t make a sound.. After swaying twice, he fell forward in the bamboo forest…

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