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Chapter 258: The King of Hell Demands Lives (3)

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Xiao Shichen and Huang Yulong cooperated very well. Seeing that Huang Yulong was helping him out of the deadly predicament, Xiao Shichen raised his double-headed spear and placed it at Huang Yulong’s waist, wanting to block for him.

But Xiao Shichen had clearly underestimated the difference between them.


There was an explosive sound of metal colliding.

The lightning-fast saber slashed at the double-headed spear. The moment the qi erupted, it directly shattered the webbing between Xiao Shichen’s thumb and index finger on his left hand.

Under the irresistible force, Xiao Shichen’s left arm couldn’t even hold on for a moment, causing the spear shaft to move back and smash into Huang Yulong’s waist.


The moves of the Eight-Steps Frenzied Blade were a combo. After Ye Jingtang made the first move with his saber, the hilt of the saber was already in his right hand. He stabbed forward and pierced Xiao Shichen’s left chest with the tip of the saber!


Huang Yulong reacted extremely swiftly. After his saber knocked away the Roaring Dragon Spear and when the spear shaft struck his waist, the nine-ringed saber in his hand slashed down to block Ye Jingtang’s long saber.

The nine-ringed saber was a heavy saber. Although it was not as exaggerated as the Jun Mountain Saber, it still weighed 10 kilograms. The nine bronze rings on the back of the saber were used as weights to increase the chopping power. Clang!

When the two blades clashed, the collision of qi instantly shook away the fallen leaves at Ye Jingtang’s feet, creating a circular empty space.

“Haa!” Huang Yulong’s muscles bulged. He wanted to press his saber down on Ye Jingtang and let Xiao Shichen finish him off.

But the moment he increased his strength, Ye Jingtang withdrew, flying back and landing 30 feet away.


Huang Yulong missed. He immediately retracted his saber and placed it upright in front of him. As he stared at Ye Jingtang’s actions, shock flashed in his eyes.

Ye Jingtang was standing in the bamboo forest with his left hand behind his back. He was holding his saber in his right hand and pointing it diagonally at the ground. The tip of the silver saber was stained with two inches of red.

Because the blood wouldn’t stick to the saber, the scarlet color gathered at the tip of the saber and turned into drops of blood that landed on the dried bamboo leaves.

Drip! Drip!

The Roaring Dragon Spear spun a few times in midair before falling from the sky a moment later and stabbing into the ground not far away.


Pei Xiangjun and Luo Ning approached from 100 feet away at the same time. Before they could attack, Ye Jingtang had already retreated. They immediately stopped 30 feet away, picked up the Roaring Dragon Spear, and put on guard stances.



The blood drops rolling down from the tip of the saber became the only sound in the silent bamboo forest.

Huang Yulong stared at Ye Jingtang with all his attention. When he found that Ye Jingtang didn’t attack again, he looked to his side from the corner of his eye.

Xiao Shichen couldn’t resist Ye Jingtang at all. His heartstrings were stretched to the limit, and he didn’t even notice the pain. He just stared fixedly at the man with the saber in front of him.

Seeing that the atmosphere wasn’t right, Xiao Shichen realized that something was wrong. Then he felt a piercing pain in his chest.

He looked down and saw a wound on his left chest. It had penetrated more than two inches into his body and made a small cut on the blood vessel near his heart.

With his violent heartbeat, blood poured onto his abdomen and gushed out of his wound like a fountain, slowly turning his chest dark red.

“Cough!” Xiao Shichen’s eyes were full of confusion and disbelief. After a muffled cough, he knelt in the bamboo forest with his spear in his hand and glared at Ye Jingtang with bloodshot eyes. “What a fast saber!”

Bai Siming, who was behind the two of them, fled far away without looking back.

Ye Jingtang still had to follow Bai Siming to find the Prince of Wu’s lair, so he naturally didn’t stop him. He retracted his gaze and looked at Xiao Shichen, who was kneeling on the ground. “1 held back on the saber move. You can still be saved now. In another half an hour, this might not be the case.”

While speaking, he took out a small medicine bottle. “This is an Angong Pill personally concocted by Divine Doctor Wang. If you eat it, you will live. Bring me to the Prince of Wu, and I can give this pill to you.”

When Xiao Shichen saw the medicine bottle, his eyes lit up.

But Xiao Shichen knew what he had done. Over the past two years, he had helped the Prince of Wu capture more than 400 people to test medicine. Most of them had died. No matter how he cooperated, he would be dismembered. Begging for mercy would only mean dying a few days later. He slowly suppressed his thoughts.

When Huang Yulong saw this vicious saber technique, he knew he most likely wouldn’t be able to escape today. He gritted his teeth, and his eyes gradually turned fierce.

Ye Jingtang frowned slightly, put away the medicine, and walked forward with his saber.

Tread, tread!

Xiao Shichen gritted his teeth, threw his double-headed spear to Huang Yulong, and said angrily, “Go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly jumped up and pounced at Ye Jingtang bare-handed.

Seeing this, Pei Xiangjun stepped forward without hesitation and stabbed her spear straight into Xiao Shichen’s waist with the force of thunder.


Meanwhile, Luo Ning cut off Huang Yulong’s retreat.

Huang Yulong knew that he was surrounded by three people and had no chance of escaping. He caught the double-headed spear and threw out the nine-ringed saber at the same time.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The nine-ringed saber spun in the air, and the nine bronze rings collided with the blade, making an ear-piercing crisp sound.

Ye Jingtang walked forward unhurriedly with his saber. He originally wanted to dodge the spinning saber, but a thought flashed in his mind. When the nine-ringed saber brushed past him, he grabbed the hilt.


The spinning nine-ringed saber suddenly stopped in midair, and the Hornless Dragon Saber returned to its sheath.

Huang Yulong held the double-headed spear, and his face turned red. The muscles on his shoulders and back almost tore his robe, and his eyes were bloodthirsty and fierce. “Killing one is earning one. Second Brother, you go first. I’ll be there soon!”

Xiao Shichen fell to the ground, hugging the spearhead that had penetrated his body tightly. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and didn’t respond.

Ye Jingtang held a 10-kilogram heavy saber in his right hand and twirled it, making a light rustling sound. “You’ll probably die sooner than he does.”

Huang Yulong’s robe swelled, and his eyes were full of fearless fervor. “It’s all the same!”

Ye Jingtang didn’t say anything else. His footsteps became faster and faster until he was 10 feet away. His feet stepped heavily on the ground with both feet, and his figure shot forward with the saber in both hands.


The bamboo forest instantly overflowed with qi.

Huang Yulong’s eyes were bloodshot. He strode forward with the spear and stabbed at Ye Jingtang’s throat, but he didn’t expect Ye Jingtang to be much faster than him with the nine-ringed saber. The moment he raised his hand, the tip of the saber slashed at the spear.