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Chapter 257: The King of Hell Demands Lives (2)

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Huang Yulong didn’t say anything else. The three of them quickly advanced through the mountains.

But after walking for a few kilometers and passing through a sea of bamboo, Bai Siming suddenly stopped in his tracks and raised his hand.

The two people behind him immediately held their breaths and froze on the spot.

Rustle, rustle, rustle!

The gentle night wind blew through the green bamboo sea that covered several mountains, making a wave-like sound.

The light in the bamboo forest was dim. Other than the cries of birds and insects, there were no living creatures. It was as quiet as a dead land.

Huang Yulong held the short weapon wrapped in yellow cloth and leaned behind Xiao Shichen. He asked in a low voice, “Is there something here?”

Bai Siming held his folding fan in his hand and listened carefully to the sounds in the depths of the bamboo sea. Then he carefully looked at the darkness at the side of the bamboo forest and frowned.

Scrape… Scrape…

Soon, the faint sound of boots stepping on bamboo leaves came from the depths of the dark bamboo forest.

The pace was neither fast nor slow. Just by listening to the sound, they could feel the calmness and casualness. This person was just like an experienced hunter walking toward the prey trapped in a trap.

Huang Yulong’s and Xiao Shichen’s expressions changed slightly. They silently turned around and looked into the depths of the bamboo forest.

The moonlight passed through the gaps in the bamboo leaves, casting flickering shadows on the ground. Farther away, there was endless darkness and silence.

Light footsteps sounded from the darkness. As the three of them focused their attention, a figure slowly appeared.

The figure was quite tall. He was wearing a black and blue robe, had a saber hanging at his waist, and was holding a long weapon wrapped in black cloth.

As the figure approached, under the dim moonlight, they could see that this man had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He was very handsome. There was a waist token hanging on his waist with the word ‘arrest’ engraved on it!

Although he was alone and looked weak, his eyes were so calm that there was no emotion in them at all, looking just like a cold-faced King of Hell who had walked out of hell to demand their lives.

Crack! Crack!

Although his footsteps were light, they seemed to be squeezing the hearts of the three people step by step.historical

Bai Siming could tell that the other party’s aura was extraordinary, so he didn’t dare to let his guard down. He tapped his palm with his fan and spoke first. “Sir, did you come here alone?”

Ye Jingtang walked unhurriedly until he was 100 feet away and looked at the three rebel leaders, who were alone. “I’m a constable. How can 1 go out alone to do something?”

Tread, tread…

Sounds appeared on their left and right in the bamboo sea again. Two ghostly figures quickly passed through the bamboo forest and stopped 100 feet away. One held a spear, and the other held a sword.

Bai Siming looked at them from the corner of his eye. “Just three?”

Ye Jingtang slowly unwrapped the black cloth around the Roaring Dragon Spear and said calmly, “There are more than five hundred soldiers behind us.”

Bai Siming felt that his question was foolish. The government lacked everything except reinforcements.

If they were stalled by the opponent here, the three of them would definitely die.

For this reason, Bai Siming gave up on fighting head-on. He tapped the folding fan in his hand twice and said, “Everyone escapes on their own.”

Huang Yulong didn’t say anything. He paid attention to the movements of the three people around him as he untied the long strip of yellow cloth and revealed a large saber with nine bronze rings on the back.

Xiao Shichen leaned against Huang Yulong back to back and took off his holster, revealing a seven-foot-long double-headed spear in his hand.


Ye Jingtang stood on the spot, raised his spear with one hand, and pointed it at Bai Siming. As the party catching the rebels, he was not in a hurry to attack at all and waited for the other party to make the first move.

Bai Siming clearly couldn’t afford to delay. After glancing at the three constables from the corner of his eye, he twisted his right foot slightly.


The tip of his shoe kicked into the soil, creating an oval pit in the fallen leaves. Soil splattered, and his body retreated at the same time.

Xiao Shichen and Huang Yulong didn’t need a reminder as they followed Bai Siming and fled.


The soil and leaves covering the sky blocked the vision ahead.

According to common sense, Ye Jingtang should jump up or move, dodging the flying soil and stones before chasing after them.

But what the three of them didn’t expect was that the moment Bai Siming attacked, a muffled sound came from the silent bamboo forest.


Ye Jingtang’s entire body trembled slightly. He held the end of the spear with one hand, retracted and released his right arm, and stabbed out with the Azure Dragon Claw move.


The ten-foot-long spear was like a giant bolt shot out by a ballista. With a terrifying wind-breaking scream, it cleared out a long black groove on the fallen leaves on the ground.

When the incoming soil and stone filling the sky touched the tip of the spear, it was wrapped in midair by qi and turned into a vortex, forcefully stirring a cylindrical hole in the air.


At the same time, the crisp sound of a blade being unsheathed pierced through the bamboo sea.

At the same moment that Ye Jingtang threw out the Roaring Dragon Spear, the Hornless Dragon Saber in his left hand had already been unsheathed. It brought out a resplendent white light in the dark bamboo forest and almost followed the tail of the spear to slash at the three people in front.

When the three people saw this terrifying power, shock flashed across their eyes.

Bai Siming’s martial arts skills were the highest among the three, so his movement technique was naturally the fastest. He flew back without stopping at all. He only threw the folding fan in his hand at the incoming spear.

Xiao Shichen’s martial arts skills were even inferior to ‘Mountain Collapsing Tiger’ Wang Chengjing, and he was the slowest. This sudden spear strike flew straight toward his abdomen. Even if he managed to dodge it, there was a saber move as fast as lightning behind it. He would definitely be instantly killed in the next moment, and his heart was full of despair.

However, Huang Yulong was one of the sect masters of Wu Province’s four major sects after all. His reaction was much faster, and he could follow Bai Siming to retreat. But when he saw that his brother was about to die, he suddenly stopped, raised the nine-ringed saber in his hand, and slashed at the Roaring Dragon Spear.

The unstoppable spear struck Bai Siming’s folding fan in midair. The folding fan exploded and shattered in the air, but the spear’s momentum didn’t decrease as it stabbed toward Xiao Shichen’s heart.

Huang Yulong slashed with all his might, forcefully raising the Roaring Dragon Spear and striking it into the air.

But Ye Jingtang followed the spear. The moment Huang Yulong attacked, he arrived in front of the two of them and slashed at Huang Yulong’s waist with the saber in his left hand..