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Chapter 256: The King of Hell Demands Lives (1)

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The sound of horse hooves resounded through the wilderness.

More than a thousand cavalry in light armor were galloping over from the direction of Rising Sun City. In front of them were 300 cavalry holding 12-foot-long lances, and behind them were cavalry armed with bows, crossbows, sabers, and shields.

Most of the people in White Millet Town were Jianghu people from all over the country. Their martial arts foundations were not bad. But the army also practiced martial arts. Moreover, most of the people who taught them martial arts were famous teachers from Jianghu sects. Their martial arts inheritances were more orthodox than most Jianghu small fries.

Ordinary soldiers might not be a match for Jianghu people in a one-on-one battle. But with a thousand soldiers wearing armor and holding powerful bows and crossbows, Jianghu people might die before they could reach the soldiers.

For this reason, the moment the soldiers appeared, White Millet Town exploded. Countless Jianghu martial artists displayed their wondrous skills and began to escape in all directions.

But the disciples of the Grasping Moon Tower weren’t aware of the situation. They didn’t dare to leave without permission, nor did they dare to attack the approaching army. They could only hide their weapons and stand outside the town as if they were facing a formidable enemy, waiting for orders.

Ye Jingtang brought Luo Ning out of Grasping Moon Alley. After confirming that they were not being followed, they quickly arrived at another alley.

Third Lady realized that something was wrong and was already leading their horses into the alley to meet them. When she saw the two of them return, she hurriedly asked, “Why are soldiers here?”

“I have no idea.” Ye Jingtang went to his horse, quickly took off his robe, and put on the robe of a Black Office constable to prevent himself from being mistaken by the soldiers as a rebel. “The Prince of Wu’s trusted aide has already appeared. I got the bird to chase after him. Let the officers and soldiers deal with the small fries in the Grasping Moon Tower. Well chase after Bai Siming.”

Hearing this, the two women didn’t say anything else. They put on black and blue robes and bamboo hats, dressing as constables of the Black Office. They mounted their horses and followed Ye Jingtang out of the alley, charging toward the back of the town.

The town was in chaos. There were civilians running home and Jianghu people fleeing everywhere. Many people could be seen flying out of the buildings on Grasping Moon Alley and escaping toward the mountain range behind the town.

Ye Jingtang held his spear and galloped on his horse. After running for less than half a street, he saw a large group of light cavalry surging out of the crossroad in front of him. In front of him was a fierce horse, and sitting on it was a military official wearing a red cloak.

The light cavalry at the back were holding strong bows. When they saw the Jianghu people showing their weapons, they rained arrows without any explanation and shouted along the way, “Everyone, get down! We will kill anyone who moves!”

Ye Jingtang and Pei Xiangjun were rushing over from the side street with their spears. The sound they made was definitely not small.

Seeing this, the hundred-odd light cavalry who had rushed past the entrance of the street immediately turned their horses around and charged toward Ye Jingtang. Seeing that the three of them had extraordinary auras like experts, and they still didn’t listen to orders and get off their horses to lie on the ground, when the cavalry were still a hundred steps away, dozens of them immediately drew their bows and nocked arrows.

Ye Jingtang was wearing the Black Office’s robe. Seeing that the other party’s eyesight was so bad, he could only take out his waist token and shout, “The Black Office is under the Prince of Jing’s orders to investigate the Prince of Wu’s remaining evildoers. Stop!”

When the dozens of light cavalry who rushed over heard the words, they recognized that Ye Jingtang was wearing a constable’s robe and immediately put away their bows and arrows.

When the military official at the entrance of the street saw this, he turned his horse around and ran dozens of steps forward. After confirming that it was the Black Office’s token, he said from afar, “I just received an unidentified report that Bai Siming, a retainer of the Prince of Wu, was meeting with rebels of the Pacifying Heaven Cult. I’m here to arrest them. How’s the situation in town?”

Ye Jingtang had just appeared as a member of the Pacifying Heaven Cult, and only the Prince of Wu knew about this. When he heard this, he knew that someone on the Prince of Wu’s side had leaked the news. “I didn’t see any traces of the rebels of the Pacifying Heaven Cult. The Grasping Moon Tower secretly colluded with the Prince of Wu, captured many civilians, and imprisoned them on Grasping Moon Alley. General, please go rescue them quickly…”

After Ye Jingtang briefly explained the situation, he turned his horse around and led Pei Xiangjun and Luo Ning toward the northwest mountain range…

The moonlight was like frost, and the forest in the mountains was full of ghosts.

It was difficult for horses to enter the rugged mountain path, and the soldiers wearing armor and holding lances couldn’t run fast. For this reason, the Jianghu people who had run out of White Millet Town all fled into the mountain at the same time.historical

Among them, Bai Siming and the others ran the fastest.

In the past two days, after something happened to the Prince of Wu, Huang Yulong knew that he might have to run away. He had already asked the third-in-command of the Grasping Moon Tower to settle his family elsewhere. The assets that he could take away had also been transferred. Just now, when the soldiers arrived, he ran away cleanly.

As for the hundreds of disciples in town, they were all outer sect disciples who had paid silver to learn martial arts. They were placed in White Millet Town to support the scene so that the officials wouldn’t get suspicious in advance. Now that the soldiers were attacking, the smart ones knew to leave and meet again in Jianghu. Those who didn’t know how to run could only be said to be unsuitable for Jianghu.

After rushing out of White Millet Town, Huang Yulong turned around and saw that the vicinity of Grasping Moon Alley was full of flames. The disciples were already fighting with the soldiers, and there was no large group of people chasing after them. Only then did he have time to catch his breath. “Sir Bai, that woman just now was definitely the Moon Goddess. 1 won’t be mistaken about this. Could it be that the Pacifying Heaven Cult has been secretly recruited?”

Xiao Shichen was walking beside him with a long weapon wrapped in black cloth and shook his head. “Impossible. The Pacifying Heaven Cult is the overlord of Jianghu and is famous for being stubborn. In the past, when they ran out of supplies and food, they didn’t accept amnesty and recruitment. Now that they’re so powerful, what would the Pacifying Heaven Cult Master surrender without fighting?”

Bai Siming was walking in front with a dark expression. He felt that Xiao Shichen’s opinion was right. There wasn’t a problem with the Pacifying Heaven Cult.

But the Prince of Wu was at a dead end. If he trusted anyone, he would die without a burial place.

Bai Siming thought about it and felt that it was a little risky to return to the Hidden Dragon Cave directly. He said, “I don’t know how the news was leaked, but we’ve already been discovered by the government. I don’t dare to return to His Highness for the time being. We’ll go to the Iron River Manor to recruit people first. If it doesn’t work, we’ll break through and escape from Wu Province..”