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Chapter 255: Dangerous Jianghu (2)

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When Bai Siming heard this, he didn’t ask further and smiled. “His Highness is doing well. His Highness is negotiating with Yan Province and will set off in a few days. If Madam Xue came a little slower, you might not have been able to see me.”

Luo Ning understood what he meant. The Prince of Wu didn’t lack your route. It was the Pacifying Heaven Cult asking the Prince of Wu, not the other way around. She gently rubbed the edge of the cup with the lid and replied calmly, “The Prince of Yan has the Yan Province army. He has money and people. He doesn’t lack the Prince of Wu’s assets at all.

“If the Prince of Wu brought the deposed emperor over, the Prince of Yan might even consider colluding for the world. But without the deposed emperor, the Prince of Wu is probably nothing in the eyes of the Prince of Yan.

“At a time like this, Mr. Bai said that the Prince of Yan is prepared to take the risk of being suspected by the Imperial Court to take in rebels to Yan Province. What does the Prince of Yan want? Is it for his brotherhood with the Prince of Wu?”

Bai Siming tapped his palm with his folded fan and smiled. “Madam Xue, you’re underestimating His Highness’s foundation. In recent years, His Highness has recruited an extraordinary person and researched a secret medicine that can double the physical fitness of ordinary people. As long as there are enough of them, His Highness can create elite soldiers who can fight one against five in a short period of time. The Prince of Yan is very interested in this item.”

When Ye Jingtang heard this, his heart stirred, and he interjected, “If the Prince of Wu had such a medicine, how could he end up like this today?”

Because Ye Jingtang might interact with him in other identities in the future, he deliberately suppressed his voice, making it sound a little hoarse.

Bai Siming looked at Ye Jingtang and frowned. “This is?”

“A protector of the Pacifying Heaven Cult.” Luo Ning’s eyes were calm as she followed Ye Jingtang’s words. “His words are not without reason. If there was such a medicine, how could the Prince of Wu end up like this?”

Bai Siming sighed softly. “The medicine had just been made and was still being tested. The matter was exposed in advance, resulting in the current situation. I have no evidence, so it’s normal for you not to believe me. In order to prove it, I want to show you something.”

As Bai Siming spoke, he took out a box the size of a rouge box from his sleeve and opened it, revealing silver powder. “This is Snow Lake Powder. Its effect is similar to the Snow Lake Flower’s. It has the miraculous effect of restoring and protecting the meridians. I don’t think 1 need to introduce the value of the Snow Lake Flower. Just this item is worth your Pacifying Heaven Cult taking a risk. And His Highness’s accumulation is far more than this. It’s all things that your Pacifying Heaven Cult urgently needs to restore your country…”historical

Seeing that the other party had directly taken out his main target, Ye Jingtang asked calmly, “Mr. Bai, are you sure this item is comparable to the Snow Lake Flower?”

“There’s a difference in the medicinal strength, but if taken for a long time, it will have the same effect as the Snow Lake Flower.”

As Bai Siming spoke, he looked at Huang Yulong. “Go find a medicine tester with damaged meridians.”

Huang Yulong raised his hand slightly, and the second-in-charge, Xiao Shichen, quickly walked out of the main hall.

Moments later, there was some noise outside the door.

Clank, clank!

It was the sound of chains rubbing against each other.

Ye Jingtang looked over and saw Xiao Shichen holding an iron chain with one hand and dragging a man in.

The man was covered in injuries, his hair was disheveled, his face was dirty, his entire body was bound by chains, and his mouth was gagged.

Seeing this scene, Ye Jingtang couldn’t help frowning.

“Wu—” The man was dragged into the main hall and knelt on the ground. He looked around, his eyes filled with fear.

Bai Siming stood up, walked over, and pulled out the linen cloth stuffed in the man’s mouth, preparing to feed him medicine.

Ye Jingtang knew that the medicine made by the Prince of Wu could kill people. After some thought, he asked, “Even if there are no injuries, the Snow Lake Flower can nourish and protect the meridians. Could it be that this medicine has hidden dangers and only testers can take it?”

Bai Siming was straightforward. He poured out some Snow Lake Powder and threw it into the man’s mouth. “Medicine is thirty percent poisonous. You can’t take too much, but a small amount is beneficial and harmless.”

Ye Jingtang nodded slightly. After Bai Siming poured the Snow Lake Powder into the man’s mouth, he pressed his hand on the man’s shoulder to check the condition of his meridians. After waiting for less than 15 minutes, he found that the damaged meridians were stabilizing and showing signs of improvement.

Bai Siming stood at the side with his hands behind his back, his eyes filled with pride. “This medicine can treat incurable illnesses. To the people of Jianghu, it’s a unique healing medicine. I wonder if Madam Xue and Your Excellency are interested?”

After confirming that there was a substitute for the Snow Lake Flower, Ye Jingtang felt much more at ease. Since there was a substitute, and it was a finished product, as long as he obtained the formula, he could complete the task assigned by Yuhu.

However, how to succeed was a big problem.

If he directly asked for the formula, his intentions would be too obvious. It was impossible for the other party to give it to him now. Once the other party discovered his motive, he might fail.

Since he had seen the Prince of Wu’s trusted aide, he could follow the clues and find out where the Prince of Wu was hiding. He could let the bird follow him secretly. The chances of success were obviously higher.

While thinking, Ye Jingtan retracted his hand and nodded. “This medicine is indeed a divine item. When Madam and I came here, we had already arranged the specific route to bring the Prince of Wu to the Heavenly South. Mr. Bai, you can go back and report first. If the Prince of Wu is willing to work for our Pacifying Heaven Cult in the future, we can receive you at any time.

“However, it’s best for you to give an answer as soon as possible. A large number of people from the Imperial Court are rushing over. Today, many constables good at tracking have already appeared. The longer we delay, the lower the chances we have to leave.”

Bai Siming naturally knew that the longer he delayed, the faster he would die. Seeing that the Pacifying Heaven Cult was so straightforward, he wanted to return immediately and discuss the matter of escaping with the Prince of Wu.

But before Bai Siming could raise his hand to bid farewell, a commotion and the sound of gongs and drums sounded from the edge of the town in the distance.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The cries of the bird also came from the sky. “Screech! Screech!”

Ye Jingtang understood the secret signal of the bird. An army was approaching!

Bai Siming, Huang Yulong, and Xiao Shichen clearly understood the signal of the town’s sentry post. When they knew that a large group of soldiers was charging over, their expressions changed drastically.


Huang Yulong suddenly smashed the teacup and wanted to glare at Ye Jingtang and Luo Ning.

Unexpectedly, Ye Jingtang, who was standing in the middle of the main hall, was even more agitated than them. He turned around first and said angrily, “How dare you report our Pacifying Heaven Cult?!”


Huang Yulong opened his mouth and forced himself to swallow his words.

After all, he had confirmed that the woman in front of him was the Moon Goddess, a true remnant of the previous dynasty. The Pacifying Heaven Cult had been persisting in rebellion for sixty years without changing their original intention. They were much blacker than them.

If the Pacifying Heaven Cult had informed the officers and soldiers to come and wipe them out, wouldn’t that be harming others without benefiting themselves?

However, it was even more impossible for them to call the soldiers over to surround themselves. Shortly after the two people from the Pacifying Heaven Cult arrived, the soldiers arrived. Even if the Pacifying Heaven Cult hadn’t informed the government, it was possible that the Pacifying Heaven Cult had attracted the soldiers.

Bai Siming and the other two’s expressions kept changing, and there was obvious vigilance and hostility in their eyes.

Ye Jingtang didn’t understand why the government had come here. With such a situation happening when they were negotiating a cooperation, there was a high chance that the matter would fail.

Fortunately, he didn’t want to cooperate at all. After confirming that there was a substitute for the Snow Lake Flower, he only needed to bite the three people in front of him to death. If he could capture them alive, he would torture them to extract a confession. If he couldn’t capture them, he would find a way to follow them.

But if they fought now, they would be heavily surrounded by the entire Grasping Moon Tower. The risk was too great, so they had to retreat from Grasping Moon Alley and meet up with Third Lady.

Ye Jingtang was still pretending to be a rebel of the Pacifying Heaven Cult and holding the hilt of his saber as he said, “There’s a trap here. Madam, leave quickly!”

Luo Ning’s reaction was not slow at all. She quickly retreated out of the door and even said angrily, “Without our Pacifying Heaven Cult, let’s see how you can escape!”

The Prince of Wu was already at his wit’s end. When Bai Siming heard this, he immediately became anxious. He didn’t want to give up on the only two life-saving straws in front of him.

But other than the two people who came here, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could leak the news and get the government to raid the Grasping Moon Tower’s headquarters.

Bai Siming hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and said, “Something went wrong today. We will discuss this matter in the future. Please take care of yourselves. We have to leave first and won’t see you out.”

Ye Jingtang glared at the three of them and carefully left the main hall. Then he flew up and jumped onto the roof.

The soldiers had already reached the outside of the town. Bai Siming didn’t dare to be negligent. He immediately got Huang Yulong and the others to pack up and prepare to escape.

At the same time, on a mountain ridge outside White Millet Town-

Wearing a bamboo hat, Lu Feng of the Cutting Cloud Palace was standing on the peak of the mountain and looking at the light cavalry galloping over from the official road with a mocking glint in his eyes. “A mere Pacifying Heaven Cult wants to snatch food from the hands of the Prince of Yan? Hmph…”

Seeing that the people in the town were starting to flee in all directions, Lu Feng snorted lightly, turned around, and disappeared into the night…