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Chapter 1983

“Fine by me. This is written in the language of this world. You won’t have any trouble reading it.”

A large bipedal deer...

Except for its head and body, he was no different from a human, and he was also able to write well. On the parchment paper he threw at Grid, the calligraphy he had just written showed off his elegant brush strokes.

[Breaking Soul Contract]

If either side violates the rules of this contract, their souls will be destroyed and they will die.

1. The two cultivators must compete using the same technique.

2. The choice of mystical art is left to the person who signs the contract, not the writer. However, if the signatory requests a mystical art that cannot be used, the writer has the right to refuse.

3. After the battle of mystical arts, the loser will need to complete three requests for the winner.

‘There are three requests.’

The contract clearly stated this strange aspect.

‘Did this deer intentionally approach me?’

What did he want? Grid was intrigued.

“There is no need for these three requests, is there?” Grid asked. “I just want to ask you a few questions.”

“Yeah, if you win... I’m trying to reduce the number of questions you can ask to three. I don’t wanna be kept here all day, you know?”

‘Does he think I’m an idiot?’

The deer man’s explanation was nothing more than a flimsy excuse. If Grid told him to answer all his questions as one of his three requests, the deer man’s logic wouldn’t work.

‘Well, I just have to win and ask him things that way.’

Grid became more motivated and used his appraisal skill. He wanted to make sure there were no hidden effects in the contract.

The deer man sensed what Grid was doing.

“The Breaking Soul Contract is made by applying the Golden Soul Technique,” the demon cultivator explained. “There is no need to doubt it since it is commonly used in various transactions in the cultivation world.”

‘Is this a type of Golden Soul Technique?’

As expected, the common skills were the most versatile and reliable, no matter the genre of the game.

Grid confirmed there were no problems with the contract and pointed to the signature line.

“Do I write my name here?”


‘If I win the match, I have to tell him to hand over the latter part of the Golden Soul Technique as well.’

No, he had to ask the deer man to give him everything he had. Grid took out the fountain pen he had received as a gift from Elizabeth a few years ago and signed the contract.

[The Breaking Soul Contract is working.]

Along with this system message, the contract glowed red and floated in the air before it was torn in half. One half flew into Grid’s heart, and the other into the heart of the deer man.

Grid felt a very powerful binding force. He opened his status window and checked. He found that the contract had been signed properly.

“What type of mystical art do you want to compete with?” the deer man asked.

It was clear that he didn’t want to waste his time on useless things. Grid thought the same. He already had a plan.

“The Wave Arts.” N0v3lTr0ve served as the original host for this chapter's release on N0v3l--B1n.

The name was simple, but this was a top-notch mystical art. He’d got the gist of it from Noe. Once he learned the Wave Arts, he could easily learn other non-attribute skills and be successful in doing so.

This was how difficult the learning conditions were. It was necessary to know how to freely change the power of the spiritual root’s attributes to the extent where it could be assimilated into the surrounding environment.

His master wasn’t just confident. He was insane. This wasn’t arrogance, but madness.

Grid held back Noe, whose eyes were filled with worry and dissatisfaction. “Stay back.”

He was rejecting the Earth Escape Arts book.

Noe couldn’t stand this anymore and asked, “Did you eat something bad...?”

The ground on which Grid stood swelled rapidly. This was the activation of the Earth God skill. The power to move the earth at will... The potential of this technique was endless as it was controlled with intent.

This was clearly superior to the Earth Escape Arts, which was confined to the framework of the skill and had rules.


The ground transformed until it resembled a dragon. Surprised, the deer man decided to hurriedly settle things. He was astonished by Grid’s skill in launching the large-scale Earth Escape Arts without giving any warning whatsoever.

‘I did say I shouldn’t underestimate him.’

Though the human cultivators were fearless, the demon cultivators studied this world carefully. They knew about Grid and the strongest beings in this world. They never underestimated them.

However, when he met Grid, he realized Grid was only in the qi refining realm. This had made the cultivator lower his guard somewhat. Thus, he was even more shocked. Who knew that Grid could make a dragon this size with such a small amount of spiritual energy?

The deer man used the Earth Escape Arts to create three earth dragons. Each one was larger than Grid’s single earth dragon. Grid’s dragon was about to be eaten.


Grid’s earth dragon opened its mouth as it was bitten by three earth dragons. A stone pillar bigger than itself popped out, and it looked like a dragon shooting a Breath.

The deer man was surprised by this transformation attack and raised an earth wall, which was much larger than the stone pillars. They collided against the wall.

The deer man’s spiritual energy was overwhelmingly superior both quality and quantity wise. Of course Grid’s stone pillars would do nothing. They were like raindrops falling into a pond.

At least, that’s what the cultivator was expecting...


The deer man’s fur stood up. The moment the stone pillar touched the earth wall, thousands of stone spikes stretched out from the other side of the earth wall and reached for the deer man.

This meant that Grid had now complete control of his Earth Escape Arts.

“What trick did you use...?”

The deer man’s dismay was cut short halfway through. A blue shield surrounded him. Thousands of stone spikes shattered as they collided with the shield.

Grid’s smile could be seen through the cracks in the falling stone fragments.

“If you give up on responding with the Earth Escape Arts and use a shield, that means you have admitted defeat, right?”

The deer man couldn’t deny that.

[The ‘Breaking Soul Contract’ has proven that the signatory is the victor.]

The system also indicated that Grid had won.

Grid didn’t start acting arrogant. Instead, he invoked his authority as the winner.

“From now on, you must answer all my questions honestly.”

This was the first requirement.

“You must not refuse no matter what I ask of you.”

This was the second requirement.

“You can never be hostile to me.”

This was the third requirement.

He was clearly putting his foot down. The deer man had completely fallen into Grid’s grasp. The cultivator had planned for the opposite to happen. He gritted his teeth.

Grid laughed.

“You shouldn’t have been so greedy.”