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Chapter 1979

“This isn’t fair. I’m so frustrated...”

Tears fell down from the eyes of the old cultivator who was holding a dying girl in his arms. He was crying so bitterly that the atmosphere around him turned grim.

“Do you think we came here out of our own volition? This land is completely unfamiliar to us. We were forcefully brought here. In this cursed land where there are no constellations to perform rituals to and no way to raise our realm, we have no choice but to figure out a way to survive.”

The old man’s skinny hands tightened around the girl as he hugged her.

“My granddaughter has less than ten years left to live. If she doesn’t raise her realm within ten years, she will die. As her grandfather, how can I turn away from this child? I contributed to the construction of the Full Moon Fortress not because I had any ill will toward you. I just wanted to save my only granddaughter...”

The more the old man talked, the darker the expressions of the Overgeared members became. Together with Braham and Faker, they destroyed four fortresses and were on the verge of taking care of their fifth one.

They succeeded in capturing the walls of the Full Moon Fortress, which were guarded by as many as three Absolutes. Now, they just had to destroy the formation in front of them and a total of five Full Moon Fortresses would’ve fallen because of them.

The guardian of the formation also no longer fought back. Since his granddaughter, who was also guarding the formation with him, was seriously injured, all he could do was hug her and sob.

“...Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t have a story?” Zirkan asked. “I know how you must feel, but give me a moment. I will decide what to do with you once this formation is destroyed.”

Zirkan was the former top-ranked swordsman and Chris’ closest confidant. His words were oddly comforting, because he also had grandchildren, so he sympathized with the old cultivator.

The rest of the cultivators, who had been fierce in battle, relaxed their postures slightly.

Zirkan and the rest passed the sobbing old man, who was still hugging his granddaughter, and approached the formation.


“So naive.”

The sneer of the young girl echoed throughout the hall.

Shocked, everyone turned around to see the dying girl in the old man’s arms standing up, looking quite healthy.


The Overgeared members were confused. They looked between the girl, who was smiling eerily, and the old man lying limp like a corpse next to her. They couldn’t really understand what had happened while they had their backs turned.

However, an archer with the skill Hawk Eyes noticed something suspicious. The girl’s fingertips had transparent threads attached to them. Quite a few threads were connected to the old man.

“That guy was a puppet...? A trap! It’s a trap!” the archer shouted, but it was too late.

The Overgeared members had already entered the formation, and the girl had the authority to activate it.

The girl snorted. “What is the point of making such a fuss when the trap has already been set?”

Every time her thin fingers formed a different shape, the formation containing the Overgeared members vibrated loudly.

“It’s a shame that I couldn’t imprison the most vigilant assassin and the magician, but it’s fine. You are also quite strong. You will make great puppets.”


The formation trapping the Overgeared members emitted a colorful glow, blinding them temporarily. They staggered back as long, thin threads pierced their skin. This wasn’t an illusion. Tens of thousands of transparent threads stretched out from the clusters of light emanating from the formation and wrapped around their bodies.

[The ‘Puppet Circuits’ have pierced you.] L1tLagoon witnessed the first publication of this chapter on N??v€l--B1n.

[You struggle to escape, but nothing happens.]

[You have lost control of your body.]

Moreover, she was very meticulous. As a monster who had lived for tens of thousands of years, she never let down her guard. Forcing Zirkan’s group into a trap and turning them into puppets was a testament to her cautiousness.

The girl thought that Braham and Faker would hesitate when faced with the risk of harming their colleagues, so she was planning to use this against them. This way, she could easily deal with them.

Clink, clink.

The sound of metal moving against metal echoed in the great hall. Zirkan’s group pulled out their weapons and slowly moved toward Braham and Faker.

‘Now, show your ugly side.’

The reason cultivators didn’t respect mortals was simple. Mortals couldn’t even live for a hundred years and were bound by too many things. There were many mortals who were obsessed with relationships, affection, or grudges. They always made mistakes and had to live with regrets for the rest of their lives.

They were a bunch of irredeemable scum who weren’t worth sympathizing with. She figured that Braham and Faker would be scum as well.

This was a huge mistake on her part.

“Bah.” Braham snorted and snapped his fingers.

Thorns made of sharp stone rose from the ground, forming a forest. A tidal wave rose and swept through the cracks of the forest. The air was becoming unbearably hot. Huge rocks fell one after another from the sky.

He was linking great magic spells together.

Zirkan’s group got wiped out. They couldn’t withstand this catastrophic level of magic. Everything happened so fast that the girl was slow to react. She suffered an internal injury because she couldn’t recover the puppet circuits she had planted in the bodies of Zirkan’s group.

“No hesitation at all?” she asked, coughing. “Do you even consider yourself human?”

“When did I say I was human?”

Braham used Blink and struck. The powerful Punishment spell was overlaid with Faker’s shadow magic, darkening the girl’s vision.

“I am a god.”


The girl was angry at how things had turned out and struggled to get back up, but she had no chance.

The girl’s head exploded, leaving not a single trace behind. However, the nascent soul didn’t emerge from her body.

Braham turned to look over his shoulder. He was still concerned about the old man who survived the magic bombardment.

The old man approached him.

[I had a hunch. It turns out that this is her main body.]

Braham detonated the mana core and temporarily entered the realm of an Absolute. However, the old man already swung his sword at Braham’s throat. Just as Braham thought he was going to be decapitated, Faker emerged from the shadows and blocked the old man’s sword with his dagger.

But that only lasted for a moment.

The power of the sword possessed by a cultivator in the late great ascension realm was too much for Faker to handle. He was unable to withstand the strength and flew backward.

Still, Faker bought Braham enough time. While the old man’s sword was blocked by the dagger, Braham managed to complete his spell. He’d come up with this spell by using a trick he learned while teaching magic to Grid’s clone.


The ultimate gravity spell. A silent explosion of magic engulfed the old man and the Full Moon Fortress.

The outcome was considerable. In the place where the Full Moon Fortress used to be, all that remained was a black void, as if a part of the world had been ripped away. It looked as if the largest beast in the universe suddenly appeared and devoured a radius of tens of kilometers in one bite.


Braham looked happy as he stood alone in the void.