Becoming a Monster

Becoming a Monster

Becoming a Monster



Latest chapter:Chapter 108: Overthinking

time:2024-04-04 19:22:29


Brief Introduction:

No one knew that the stories they read of fantasy creatures and legends would now become their source of hell. Follow Noah during humans biggest and maybe last crisis yet as he finally found a reason to live which may also leave him losing his humanity.

Latest chapter     renew:2024-04-04 19:22:29

Chapter 108: Overthinking

Chapter 107: When birds Attack

Chapter 106 106: Unexpected Bonus

Chapter 105 105: Dangerous Thoughts

Chapter 104 104: Her Decision

Chapter 103 103: Fighting For Attention

Chapter 102 102: Just The Beginning

Chapter 101 101: You’re Dispensable

Chapter 100 100: Leaving The Campus

Chapter 99 99: Pathetic

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