My Plunderer System

My Plunderer System

My Plunderer System



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Brief Introduction:

In the year 2097, humanity faced a new terror. Cities were destroyed by horrible monsters that came through the dimensional doors.

To counter this new terror, humans began to awaken magical abilities and dove into the gates to destroy the oncoming waves of beasts.

One student in particular became orphaned due to one of these dimensional doors. He was considered one of the weakest, and was bullied due to his inability protect himself.

While being beaten up in an alley one day, the area went into chaos as a dimensional door opened, trapping him and others inside. He was face to face with death when a sudden beam of light came down. "Is this how I die?" the student thought.

Waking up in a hospital later, his wounds were healed as if they were never there in the first place, and a strange screen was appearing in his vision...

"Welcome to the Plunderer System"

Follow Milo Fenix as he uses the system to fight back against his enemies; his weak old self, the beasts, even humans.

Will he achieve his goal of becoming the strongest? Will he be able to overcome his past self as someone who was weak? Will he be able to protect the ones he cares about?

Find out by reading My Plunderer System.

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144 Chapter 142

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