The Legacy System

The Legacy System

The Legacy System



Latest chapter:Chapter 667: Squashing the 2nd Resurgence

time:2024-04-01 07:38:29


Brief Introduction:

What would happen if someday, someone gave humans the opportunity to have the power of the legends?Total Chaos!Thats the answer to that, people started killing, r*ping, extorting and torturing, to be...

Latest chapter     renew:2024-04-01 07:38:29

Chapter 667: Squashing the 2nd Resurgence

Chapter 666: Another Resurgence

Chapter 665 665: 10 Years Of Grinding

Chapter 664 664: Patriarch Cao’s Reward III*

Chapter 663 663: Patriarch Cao’s Reward II

Chapter 662 662: Patriarch Cao’s Reward I

Chapter 661 661: Cao Family’s Subordination

Chapter 660 660: From Heaven To Hell

Chapter 659 659: Aftermath

Chapter 658 658: End Of Ling Family

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