Valkyrie Smash

Valkyrie Smash

Valkyrie Smash



Latest chapter:Chapter 320 Honor Medals.

time:2024-03-11 05:59:47


Brief Introduction:

Sam Sanderson is envied by many for his job, however he himself didnt seem to like it much.

Due to his expertise in nanotechnology he was tasked with monitoring the state the Valkyries, humanitys strongest weapons who all just happen to be made into gorgeous females.

Forbidden from even touching any of them, Sam spends his days in agony watching flowers he couldnt hope to touch. However one day all of that seemed to change.

Latest chapter     renew:2024-03-11 05:59:47

Chapter 320 Honor Medals.

Chapter 319 Our talk can wait.

Chapter 318 We are the Resistance.

Chapter 317 What’s the point.

Chapter 316 How do I look.

Chapter 315 I’m sure.

Chapter 314 Keep trying.

Chapter 313 The Auroras.

Chapter 312 Big Sis.

Chapter 311 Playing God.

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