Your San Value is Zero

Your San Value is Zero

Your San Value is Zero

author:Fang Yufei


Latest chapter:Chapter 534: new

time:2024-02-25 00:05:54


Brief Introduction:

Novel Summary

A muffled murmur sounded softly,

Crazy goblins ravage the village,

Mutated beasts roam the fields,

The ancient old gods are gradually awakening,

Just when the darkness is about to engulf the entire continent,

A brave man from another world quietly appeared,

This may be the darkest hour before dawn.

Human: “The savior has come?”

Monster: “Have new food arrived?”

Till the fame of the brave spread far and wide,

Walking through every corner of the continent,

He/she/they know,

What is the real darkest hour.

The monsters and humans said in unison:

“I beg you to be human, the ancient gods were so scared that they went back to sleep.”

- Description from MTLNovel


Latest chapter     renew:2024-02-25 00:05:54

Chapter 534: new

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